Collection: PrrEze For Pityriasis Rosea

Welcome to PrrEze. PrrEze is the first effective relief for pityriasis rosea. If you are suffering from this debilitating and embarrassing rash, please try our exclusive all natural formula. PR is not only unsightly, it is also itchy! Doctors are unsure what causes it, how long you will have it, and whether it may return. Usually it only lasts for 6 to 12 weeks. 

Until this, the only course of “treatment” has been antihistamines and steroid creams. They do not treat the PR, they only help to mask some of the “symptoms” and make the patient more “comfortable”.

Doctors don't think it is contagious. It will not kill you. It is, however, unpleasant, unsightly, and with no known cure. It can present as mild or be really widespread and nasty, from a single small patch, to something that can be all over from feet to scalp!
Most cases of PR last six to twelve weeks. Some last for years. All begin with a single patch- called the “herald” patch, and spread from there. Sometimes it is called “Christmas tree rash”, because of the shape of the rash on your torso. Some cases are mild and only slightly itchy, do not spread very far, and are gone. The people who have that kind of PR are probably not reading this description!

Our formula is made with all natural ingredients, has no harsh chemicals, dyes, steroids, antihistamines, or preservatives. It is made with the purest ingredients we could find. All ingredients are approved by the FDA as safe, and are used in foods, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Please note: PrrEze may make the rash more red, itchy and scaly after application. It may make the rash dry as it provides relief. That redness and scaliness may last for several days. Let it take its course! This lets you know it is working, and that you actually DO have PR, and have not been misdiagnosed. Think of it as you would removing a blackhead. The area around it may be red and raised for a few hours after you remove it, but the blackhead is gone, and the skin around it needs to heal.

Many of our customers have said that PrrEze cream is heavy and oily (yes, we know that the ingredients are all oils). It does not stain, but it can be a bit yucky to some people. We listened! We are rolling out a new formulation of PrrEze. Same ingredients, same effect, but in a spray, with aloe as the main ingredient. We now give you a choice!

Whether you use PrrEze or allow the PR to run its course, you will probably experience smooth patches on your skin for some time after the rash is gone. These patches can be lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, but will usually fade in time.

PrrEze has a pungent odor. Some people love this fragrance which is really quite flowery- one of the ingredients is often used in perfumes. Some people think it is very strong and annoying. It is only strong when you first put it on, and, unfortunately, you have to live with it if you want to use this great lotion!

Our hydrating super emollient formula can be used as a skin cream at any time. Some of the ingredients are useful for other conditions. Leftovers can be used as part of your daily beauty regimen. It is wonderful for dry skin relief!

We welcome all of your reviews, testimonials, complaints, and photos! Let us know what you think, and we may put it on our site!