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Xzema 2 Ounce For Eczema

Xzema 2 Ounce For Eczema

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The first all natural cream formulated specifically for eczema. We are Nature Pure Life, the makers of PrrEze, LichensEze, PsoriasEze, and more all natural solutions. We are launching XZema, with the backing of our excellent reviews all over the Internet on our other products. We offer a money back guaranty so you can safely try XZema.

Eczema is a very non specific term for rash. If the doctor told you "you have eczema", you might ask which specific rash you have, and ask for a biopsy. These kinds of rashes are the ones dermatologists have no clue about, really. There are several rashes that are dumped in to the “eczema” name. There is atopic dermatitis. There has been some recent research on this one, and there is medical hope. Current care includes steroid creams or oral steroids, immunosuppressive shots, “phototherapy”, and biologics. All of these are expensive, all are spotty at best in what they do. All have some nasty possible side effects. The accepted treatment is “moisturize”.  Next we have scabies- that one is easy!!! It is caused by mites, and can be cured and stopped. Not easily, but it is a “one and done” type of thing.  Next is lichen simplex chronicus. We have a cream for that one already! It is called LichensEze. It works for LSC very well. Hopefully, few of you have heard of pompholyx. It affects the hands and feet, mostly, and the treatments are retinoids, phototherapy and steroids. Retinoids are scary for women of childbearing age. Contact dermatitis is heaped in with eczema, although it is mostly a “one and done” also- an allergic reaction to something. Once you are no longer exposed to the allergen, it goes away and does not come back. Xzema (our cream) will not help that one at all! Seborrheic dermatitis is lumped in too, although it is considered a separate disease by most. There are a few other ones that are dumped in to the “eczema” label also. You get the idea, though.

What we have done is put together a cream that will actually take away the rash of most of the diseases that are dumped in this category- see above for what XZema will NOT do. Our cream is all natural, with no known side effects unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. XZema only takes away the rash that is the outside manifestation of the disease. Since these diseases are systemic- inside of you, they can pop back up anywhere on you at any time. As soon as you see a pop up, put XZema on it and it will not develop any further. Since the rash is the part of the disease we see and hate most, getting the rash gone is what most people want. If you can achieve clear skin and have a way to stop new rash from developing, that is certainly a big step in the correct direction. 

Directions: Apply liberally on areas where rash is apparent twice daily. You should see a marked improvement in about 2 weeks, continue to use XZema twice daily until rash is no longer apparent. Apply immediately on any new rash to stop it from developing further. Your rash areas may turn red or scaly. Your skin may start to peel, and continue to peel for several days or weeks, until fresh new skin has finally triumphed over the rash. Safe for delicate areas like thighs or underarms. Safe for use on children. Keep away from eyes.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Brassica napus (canola), pure beeswax, Zea mays (corn), fragrance, powdered konjac root, Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil), Carthamus tinctorius (safflower oil), Helianthus annus (sunflower oil), Olea europaea (olive oil), Sesamum indicum (sesame oil), Juglans regia (walnut oil), Cymbopogon citratus (lemongrass) cedrawood essential oil

DO NOT INGEST. XZema is not for internal use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Entrika Harlowe
Yea it worked for my rash need to be bigger size

My rash started to fade and the bumps went away in a few days. The itch and redness were gone in the first day. My rash comes back if I don't use it so I need a bigger size. But I would use this cream every day to have skin like this.

Briony DeAngelo
When you read about it you think yeah right. Wen you use it wow!

I found this site when I was on google. I read the description and the ingredients, and I thought I could probably make it in my kitchen I have all the oils so what makes this so special. I read the reviews and thought what are these people on? I make fried chicken with this stuff.
I am lazy tho and the money back guaranty was right up my alley. I was gonna try it and send it back and tell these folks that they were scammin people with real issues. You don't know how many doctors and specialists I have been through and how many creams and pills and treatments I have paid for. OK so I got the jar and it seemed a bit small for what I paid but still better then my prescriptions. I slathered it on and I was Oh it's like that, because a little bit goes a long way. I used it for 2 weeks and barely see any gone. My patches are at knees and wrists. The skin is dry and scales off like lizzard skin.
So let me tell you. You can read all you want but until you try this you have no idea how good this chicken cookin cream is. I am out in shorts and a tank top and lovin every minute of it. WHoever made this needs to get an award. I fired my doctor for not helping me, when this is so easy and it works.

Terry Mayler

I have dealt with eczema for years. I bought this and I love it. It is so soothing even when you first put it on, and then it gets better because it makes the rash disappear. Mine was all healed within a month. I don't know if it will come back, but if it does I know what to buy. Just so grateful for this product.

Zack Brown
Absolutely Amazing

My daughter who has had eczema since birth, came to visit recently and her eczema was absolutely horrible. She was in pain and itching. We tried this product out and it is amazing. She has never had anything works so well and so quickly. Thank you!

Helena Mathias
A mother's dream come true

My baby has been suffereing from skin conditions since he was born. Diaper rash that would not go away no matter what, cradle cap, little white bumps all over his face. Then these dry itch patches started showing up, mostly under his knees and inside his elbows, then on his wrists. They get worse in eh winter, they get drier.
He is 8 now, and we have lived with the itch, the ugly rash and the taunting of other kids. He was diagnosed as having atopic dermatitis. I was told it is a type of eczema. This website has taught me more about eczema then the doctors have in 6 years.
My son has had steroids, special dressings, prescription creams, heavy greasy creams that stain his clothes, and light therapy. I am always reading to see if I can find anything new, and I ran across this website with the claims of all natural creams.
It didn't really make any sense, why wouldn't doctors have the best and the most effective medicines? I read the reviews, but they didn't say anything about atopic dermatitis, so I called the number listed. I talked to a lady who said that she was absolutely sure that the cream would take away the itch, and moisturize the dryness, and if it didn't work, I could get my money back. I wish doctors worked that way.
The very first day let me repeat that the very first day the itch was gone. After a week the dryness started to improve and the red bumps started to fade. AT two weeks we are starting to see real skin.
I am forever grateful, and we will be buying more