Avid E-Liquid 300 Mg CBD

  • $29.00

For use in all vaporizers. All Avid Hemp products are nicotine free and contain Less Than 0.3% THC. CO2 extracted as nature intended.

Each and every E-Liquid product is manufactured internally. This ensures complete in house quality control over our products and enables us to offer you the most effective cannabinoid E-Liquids.

Months of flavor development and formulation tuning has resulted in a crystal clear CBD E-Liquid.

> Our most convenient way to enjoy CBD

> Works in all vaping devices

> Higher CBD strengths

> Crystal clear liquid made using grade carrier oils

> Avid Hemp use only the finest cannabinoid compounds derived from hemp oils

> Manufactured in the US with precision & expertise

> Avid Hemp – The best cannabinoid vaping liquid available. m