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Stop Fungus 2 Oz.

Stop Fungus 2 Oz.

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Discover StopFungus, the all-natural solution for athlete's foot, ringworm, and various types of tinea. This exclusive formula is proven to relieve itching within hours and keep it at bay with just two daily applications. Forget about using antifungals or prescription creams that take months to see results - StopFungus is gentle yet effective, and made with FDA-approved ingredients that are safe and used in many cosmetic products. Our floral-scented cream is not only a remedy for fungus, but also a hydrating, emollient skin cream that can be used daily. Don't suffer from unsightly and irritating fungus any longer - try StopFungus today and see the difference for yourself. And if you're not completely satisfied, take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. Act now and say goodbye to fungus once and for all.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jeremy Peters
All natural I didn't think it would help it does

Only bad thing is it makes your feet sweat. It works better then anything else I have tried.

Abner Bailey III
Nothing works like this cream

I have suffered from toenail fungus as far back as I can remember. I have been to countless doctors, have had my toenails removed, shaved, clipped in special ways. I have had pills and creams and paint on stuff like nail polish and nothing has ever worked. My last pills I had to take for 6 months. I did not notice any difference.
This lady at a farmer market had this cream, and she said it was guranateed to work. I bought it thinking why not?
Within one week I could already see a difference. It has been three weeks, and my toenails are growing out smooth. I also noticed that the dry skin between my toes is not dry or flaky anymore.
Give this a try.

Ali Ben Azrah
I could fell it working

In my family we have always used natural herbs and oils for healing. I could not find anything to help with my feet tho. I bout this at a farmer market and when I put it on I could fell it working.

Mary Jo S
This is my new go to cream

We found this at a farmers market for my toes. Summer is here and I really want to wear sandals. I started putting it on the white patches under my toes and still had some on my hand when I went to itch a big welt from a bug bite it stopped itching. I get big welts from bugs they turn real red and swole. So next time I got a bite I put some on. Sure enough the itch stopped and the welt went away. I dont know why it works for bug bites but now I keep some on hand for that. My toes are better to.

Jeff Barry
The people who make this are friends of mine

Just letting you know that up front. I was on a cane because I could not put pressure on my toe it was so bad. I saw them and they gave me a jar of this. I'm a guy, right? We don't do good with medicines or specially cream. So my wife put it on twice a day. I was like no because it is not going to do anything anyway. In 1 week I could put shoes on and in 2 weeks I wasn't using the cane anymore. The swelling is way down. It has been 3 weeks I think I see a new toenail coming in. I had this for years, and my doctor was giving me lamasil. I had used that for months and it was not helping. I don't know how this cream does more then medicine from the doctor. I am actually putting it on myself now. My wife is happy I am happy.